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August 29, 2020

It's goodbye from me

After just over 18 years it's time to draw a line and move on to pastures new.

If I'm honest my mojo for FF died 3-4 years ago. I kept on entering a work superleague which justified maintaining the site, but I've needed to be prompted to update fixtures far more times than I feel comfortable with. I even left the points pages long enough to be prodded a couple of times. I've contemplated stopping each of the last 3 summers, but I'd got the setup for a new season quite streamlined and after that it just ran smoothly, so I carried on. However, now Tele have changed to new administrators it's going to be a serious job to get things going, assuming I could. And I've no confidence that the points updates will work until they're available after week 1. I also wonder whether the new assistant manager feature will mean that Tele are less happy for me to continue.

So, with a heavy heart and many happy memories, it's goodbye from me.

The site will remain online for those who may wish to access the historical stats, at least until the domain needs renewing. If you're interested in what I'm up to now, especially if you use public transport in London, then you can find me at

June 5, 2020

TFF Restart

The fixture grid has been updated with details of the next 3 sets of Premier league fixtures, plus the 2 previously postponed matches and the 4 FA Cup quarter final matches.

July 22, 2019

Progress for season 2019/20

The major change this season is that TFF is now free to play and you can enter up to 5 teams. The point scoring is the same as last season, but some player prices have increased which will make for a more challenging selection.

The player list is now available via the button on the left. As usual it is extracted live from the TFF system and made sortable. The fixture grid is also available to the left.

Finally, it's only a Premier League (and FA Cup) game this season, so no Championship version.

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